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Mnohojazyčný tezaurus Evropské unie

Thesaurus Concepts

Thesaurus Concepts

This new model follows a concept-based approach where concepts are language-independent of terms which represent them. 

"eu:ThesaurusConcept" represents the class of all EuroVoc concepts and is defined as subclass of skos:Concept.

Every EuroVoc concept is attached  to at least two skos:ConceptScheme instances: the global scheme "eu:EuroVoc" and one or more instances of "eu:MicroThesaurus". This attachment is using the skos:inscheme property.

A new instance "eu:Country" has been defined as a sub-set of "eu:ThesaurusConcept”, to represent a country, identified by the language-independent property value "eu:isoCountryCode" (2-char ISO country code). This property is used in domain 72 (geography).

The property "eu:useInstead" is applied to EuroVoc obsolete concepts and provides the value (cross-reference) to the new concept in use.

Thesaurus Concepts Relationships

The "skos:broader" property is attached to "eu:ThesaurusConcept" to assign the value (URI) of the broader  thesaurus concepts. By convention, "skos:broader" is used to assert a hierarchical link between a thesaurus concept and its direct parent(s), like the standard thesaurus construction BT.

The "skos:related" property of "eu:ThesaurusConcept" sets up an associative relationship to a concept associated semantically.