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Euroopa Liidu mitmekeelne tesaurus

Eurovoc Thesaurus

EuroVoc thesaurus

The EuroVoc thesaurus "eu:EuroVoc" is defined as an instance of “eu:Thesaurus”, itself a subclass of the SKOS "Concept Scheme" class.

To this "eu:EuroVoc" instance is attached the list of languages for which the EuroVoc thesaurus concepts have a preferred label (via skos:prefLabel or xl:literalForm). The thesaurus supported languages are defined by values of the property "eu:supportedLanguage".  Values of this property are instances of the class "eu:Language".

The attribute rdfs:label is used to represent  the language independent name of the Thesaurus (EuroVoc).

The "eu:Language" class is a convenience class where each instance represents a language.  The language names of the instances are represented using "rdfs:label" in each of the supported languages. The property value "eu:language" contains the ISO 639-2 Language Code (conforming the xsd:language value space).

By convention, the URI of an "eu:Language" instance is the registered public subject indicator

All the EuroVoc publication features are exported from the Thesaurus Maintenance System (back-office) export instance (eu:Export). Properties of eu:Export are:

  • "eu:exportedThesaurus":  object property of which value is eu:EuroVoc

The publishing details of the EuroVoc thesaurus are expressed using two data properties:

  • "eu:exportDate": date and time of the thesaurus release
  • "eu:exportVersion": version identifier of the published EuroVoc thesaurus