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EuroVoc 4.4 – Outline of the Modelling Approach

EuroVoc 4.4 – Outline of the Modelling Approach

The EuroVoc ontology is an extension of SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) - W3C recommendation, including appendix B, SKOS eXtension for Labels (SKOS-XL).

The vocabularies imported in the ontology are: (downloadable via the http protocol, accepting RDF, or via (downloadable via the http protocol, accepting RDF, or via

Namespaces used in the ontology, and prefixes used in this document

Dublin Core dc=
EuroVoc eu=
OWL owl=
RDF rdf=
RDF Schema rdfs=
SKOS skos=
SKOS-xl xl=
XML Schema xsd=

Used Schema Annotations

EuroVoc resources have been modelled as direct extensions of the SKOS and SKOS-XL classes and properties. Some Dublin Core properties have been reused and re-declared without importing the complete DCMI RDF schemes. (dc:identifier)