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EuroVoc Conference  

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 "Mind the lexical gap - EuroVoc, Building block of the semantic web"
18-19 November 2010, Jean Monnet Building, Kirchberg (Luxembourg) 


 EuroVoc thesaurus feasibility study (2007)

E. Francesconi, S. Faro, M. Biasiotti, V. Sandrucci
Institute of Legal Theory and Techniques
Italian National Research Council
Florence, Italy

D1.5: Thesauri KOS analysis and selected thesaurus mapping methodology on the project case-study
October 2007
report presentation

Abstract: This document contains the Knowledge Organization System (KOS) analysis of the thesauri of interest for the interoperability feasibility study. Moreover an overview of the methodologies to guarantee interoperability between thesauri is presented, along with the identification of the methodologies which will be tested.

D2.2: Interoperability Assessment Environment
November 2007
Report presentation

Abstract: This document contains the description of the interoperability assessment environment, in terms of the components foreseen to test the thesaurus mapping approach, the workflow for automatic thesaurus mapping, the modalities of mapping assessment. Finally possible software architecture for thesaurus interoperability environment editorial activity is sketched.

D2.3: Report on execution and results of the interoperability tests
December 2007
Report presentation

Abstract: This document contains the description of the thesaurus interoperability assessment, as regards the tools used to implement the interoperability test as well as the results of the execution of such tests on a meaningful subset of the thesauri of interest.