Changing the microthesaurus display

The terms belonging to a microthesaurus are sorted alphabetically, filed under top terms that are the highest level, while their narrower terms (mentioned as 'NT') and related terms (mentioned as 'RT' along with the microthesaurus number they belong to) are placed below.


At any time of the navigation, tracing back your browsing steps can be done by clicking on the links shown on the breadcrumb, which displays the different levels of thesaurus hierarchy that have been browsed through.


For a clearer view of the microthesaurus structure, related terms can be hidden by clicking on the 'Hide RT' button and displayed back with its alternative 'Show RT' version.


Likewise, clicking on the 'Flat view' button displays all terms available in the microthesaurus alphabetically, with no hierarchical order. Non-preferred terms are shown in italics with their proper preferred terms match to be used.


The 'Tree view' button will allow shifting back to the default hierarchical display.