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Multilingual Thesaurus of the European Union

Edition 3

Edition 3  

The third edition of EuroVoc was published in 1995.

Following observations from users concerning the accuracy of certain language equivalents, the different language versions of EuroVoc were revised thoroughly by a multilingual team of translators and terminologists from the European Commission.

The third edition comprises three volumes per language, instead of the five volumes of the previous edition.

After consulting the users, the permuted and alphabetical presentations of the thesaurus were merged. The new alphabetical presentation provides descriptors in their semantic context and includes references for non-descriptors.

The new subject-oriented version comprises the associative relationships present in the terminogrammes edition. The publication of terminogrammes was abandoned following the difficulties experienced when publishing the second edition and owing to the fact that users were less interested in this type of presentation.

Compared with the previous edition of the thesaurus, 566 descriptors were added and 26 deleted.

Based on this edition, EuroVoc has been used as an indexing tool for the documentary databases of the Publications Office for the production of catalogues and tables of the Official Journal.