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Multilingual Thesaurus of the European Union

Administration and Maintenance

Administration and Maintenance

The EuroVoc thesaurus is adapted continually to take account of developments in the fields in which the European Union institutions are active and of changes in its language arrangements.

The special feature of EuroVoc is that it aims — and is able — to meet the needs expressed by all its users while keeping in mind the objective of covering in a homogenous fashion the fields of activity of the European Union.

The maintenance team at the Publications Office collects and examines the proposals, put forward by the national parliaments, the European institutions or agencies and the private users. A maintenance system has been established to deal with the administration and maintenance of the thesaurus. The maintenance team  coordinates the work of the Maintenance Committee and is responsible for IT and technical developments and for monitoring translations;

The Maintenance Committee made up of representatives of the various EU institutions, votes on the various proposals and decides on the amendments to be made to the thesaurus;

The Steering Committee supervises the project and officially adopts each new version. 

All EuroVoc users with proposals and suggestions for amendments are invited to submit a maintenance form available in the Contribute section of this website.